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The very first mentions of glass development were registered in the beginning of the bronze age.

Archaeologists found beads that approximately refers to that time. At this age there was the settlement of Kelts. They had enough knowledge to make glass and enamel applications. Later, approximately in the 5th century, this territory was populated by the slavdom. Glass beads were honorable in their culture. Especially green.

The first written evidence of known Czech glass is related to the 12th century. The emperor Fridrich Barbarossa smashed and robbed the rebellious Milan. The treasures that they found were named as “things from Bohemia”. There was the beginning of the known Czech or Bohemian glass. You can buy the bohemian glass in Eshop Aleks-Crystal.

The original usage of this glass was stained-glass windows. Monks were the first masters who worked with this material. They made the beautiful colored windows for the churches. In Czech smelt-furnace, transparent glass was made. Also sometimes the metal oxides were added to give the glass a special color. With the windows, they made special utensils for the churches. After some development, special workshops were made, so the masters from Bohemia could unite and make the glass. The assortment was also expanded. They made goblets, bottles, tubes for wine, vessels for pharmacy and ornamentals.

The technology of Venice was considered the best this time. Its secret was strictly guarded. After some time, Venice craftsmen were resettled to other European countries so the Bohemian masters got some new knowledge about making glass. But Venice glass was so weak and fragile. Because of that, Czech craftsmen added Calcium Carbonate to upgrade the composition of the product. All the products became more durable and thick.

After some investigation, glassblowers decided to add Plumbum Oxide, so the glass can be more transparent and shiny. New masters became the rivals of the Venice craftsmen. And when the master Muller made a special sparkling glass the whole world heard about Bohemian glass. After additional time, the glass production technologies were upgraded so the glass could be made on a bigger scale.